A Salty Sharks Aquatic Multiverse NFT collection series. The world lore is based on the tales of Atlantis with the added flair of unique orders joinable by the community.

The Challenge

The biggest hurdle when designing this website was maintaining a rich look and atmosphere throughout. Compromises were made on how certain pages were presented, but overall our client was very satisfied with the quality given that the project required going from the design phase to a live-site within 1 week.

Lore Pages

In the initial brief, the lore collection page was described to have the appearance of a captain’s study onboard a sailing ship. Lore entries would’ve been accessible by interacting with stacks of books and scrolls.

In the final design, we discarded the study room idea in favor of atmosphere. Ship studies are claustrophobic and don’t carry forward a sense of adventure. That’s why we chose to use a sailing ship as a background image.

The idea of using books to open lore entries was kept. Without the need to worry about having the books resting on table or shelves made the website much easier to implement on both desktop and mobile. 
Overtime we had to update the navigation on the lore collection page to include main categories with dropdown menus.
The scroll pictured above is responsive because it’s a div block with pictures of scroll handles attached at each end.

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