A biometrics-centric wallet allowing users to access assets using only their unique attributes. No passwords or exchanges of personal information are required.

The Challenge

Avarta wasn’t just a website design project. We were tasked with creating the brand from the ground up. The site also required frequent layout changes based on the shifting product features marketed in the first few months of operation. 

Logo Design

Prince Abdul Qawi of Brunei is Avarta’s chairman and key investor. Their team wanted to link the logo with the Brunei’s national animal, the white-bellied sea eagle along with the concepts of security and biometrics.
Avarta is an anagram of the word ‘avatar’ which in hinduism is defined as “a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher”.

This informed the direction of the initial designs.
This design plays on the incredible innate eyesight eagles use to find their prey. The rings are meant to allude to scanning.
This design plays on the myth of Atlas holding up the world. The negative space created by the wings and the vector form an ‘A’ shape.
An exploration of the logotype. 

Line Art Aesthetic

For icons and many of the background elements on the website we stuck to a simple, yet highly stylized line art look. The heading font was chosen to complement them for their hard geometric corners and angles.

Brand Collateral

Beyond the website, we assisted with the design of Avarta’s ‘Medium’ pages, presentation slides, social media posts, and video creation.

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