Basketball & Dinosaur themed NFTs which grant their owners access to the Chibi Universe, including a play-to-earn game with exclusive Chibi content.

The Challenge

For this redesign project, our greatest challenge was learning how to design within the constraints of a brand still in development. A limited amount of official artwork required us to repurpose assets in creative ways. An example of this is changing the coloring of flora to be reused in a nighttime background.

Constant Movement

The new website is highly animated to feel playful and maintain interest. Movement is triggered by scroll position in almost every other section of the website. Where there is none, there is usually an element that animates when hovered on.
Axie Infinity was one of the key references given to us by the Chibi Dinos’ Team.
This section has two Chibi Dinos landing on platforms which remain in the viewport as users scroll through the section.
The roadmap has heads which rotate slightly at their vertical position changes in the viewport.
This section has two Chibi Dinos slide in from the left and right. As users scroll they rotate as if they’re leaning in to get a better view.
This section has basketballs landing inside plant-based hoops. This was tricky to create because it required splitting the hoop asset into overlapping layers so that it would appear the basketballs were landing inside the plants.


The website uses the font pairing of ‘Chewy’ and ‘Sniglet’ to complement the hand-drawn aesthetic of the dinosaurs. The plumpness of ‘Chewy’ matches the curves on the illustrations.
‘Sniglet’ is visually indistinguishable from ‘Comic Sans’. The designer on this project was delighted to use a font style which is looked down upon. It couldn’t be more appropriate for this project though.

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