An executive search company which provides culture shaping, leadership development, assessment, and consulting.

The Challenge

When designing Keller’s website there were two main obstacles to consider that influenced the design. The look and feel needed to set it apart from other companies offering executive search services. The website also needed to accommodate large blocks of texts in the design for SEO.

Painterly Artwork

We edited photos to create a painted effect. This was done to exaggerate executives as heroic and mythical figures. This idea was repeated in the images used to represent Keller’s services and capabilities.
Images from the ‘About’ page
Images used to represent Keller’s capabilities and functions

Country Pages

The website would have more than thirty country-specific executive search pages. These would be the pages that would need to rank. Therefore, the design had to be very clean and spacious so that large amounts of text don’t create clutter.

Creating painterly images for all these pages would not have been scalable. We tried to find stunning cityscape images for the hero section and the first section below it to give a good first impression and hopefully keep people on the site.

Blog Design

The blog collection page was created in very minimal workhorse style design. On each of the service pages there is a block present containing four of the latest posts.

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